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The mission of the Notre Dame Foundation is to support, assist, and expand the efforts of the Notre Dame School to foster learning through an unsurpassed faith-based education. Along with the Church and School, the Notre Dame Foundation is a vital third leg of the Parish community.

Our role is truly foundational: We serve to create a stable base of long-term support for the Parish community as we prepare young people for extraordinary lives. We maintain and cultivate a long-term endowment that ensures the long-term health of the school, as well as make annual, significant contributions to the needs of the school’s physical infrastructure, teaching staff, and curriculum.

It has never been more true that the education of our children rests in the hands of not only parents and teachers, but hundreds of mentors, administrators, parishioners, neighbors, and friends. Each student in each class in each grade at Notre Dame is there because of the generosity of thousands who have come before.

Your gift to the Notre Dame Foundation acknowledges the contribution each of us received from previous students and parents, and extends that generosity to the next generation of Catholic families. What better way to recognize the impact of Notre Dame on your child than with a gift towards the future of the school – will you support us today?

The Notre Dame Foundation is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.