What is the mission?

The mission of the Notre Dame School Foundation is to contribute to the school on an annual basis, thereby assisting all families financially by keeping tuition and fees as low as possible.

Why and when was the Foundation created?

The Notre Dame School Foundation was in founded in 1985 at time when the Diocese was slated to close the school due to enrollment numbers of only 85 students. A group of Notre Dame Families spearheaded the effort to preserve the school and ensure its future by creating the Notre Dame School Foundation. In doing that, they helped to ensure the future for your children. Our generation owes its thanks to the previous generations who had the foresight to value a quality religious education for our local community.

How much has the Foundation given the school since 1985?

The Foundation’s endowment has given back more than One Million to Notre Dame School. The ability to provide funding to the school is solely dependent on the size of our endowment. Hence our current desire to grow the endowment thereby increasing our ability to give back monetarily.